Binance Enters German Market via Partnership With Crypto Investment Firm

CM-Equity has a crypto custody license with Germany’& rsquo; s Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), enabling Binance, the biggest crypto exchange by volume, to run in the German market.
Digital property custodians in Germany have to be accredited, per a law passed in January 2020. Crypto firms have rushed to understand the new required; BaFin provided extra clarity on the new regulations in February.
“& ldquo; Depending on the residency of the user, some services were restricted and/or not marketed in specific jurisdictions,” & rdquo; Wei Zhou, Binance’& rsquo; s chief financial officer, said via email. “& ldquo; This partnership enables Binance to use more services and market directly to more nations in Europe.”&
rdquo; The exchange would not clarify what type of new services it would use with CM-Equity, saying it would announce them in the coming months and weeks.
“& ldquo; Binance provides the finest trading experience in the market and we are enjoyed team up with the world’& rsquo; s top, & rdquo; CM-Equity CEO Michael Kott said in a news release. “& ldquo; Our totally certified digital properties platform will benefit from the finest liquidity and frictionless service used by Binance.”& rdquo;.



Binance has partnered with certified German investment company CM-Equity to use crypto possession management and brokerage services in Germany and Europe.


Binance Enters German Market through Partnership With Crypto Investment Firm.