Brazil’s Central Bank Officially Bans WhatsApp Payments

For small company owners in Brazil, this is another problem in their mission to develop an online existence.

The function was just presented earlier this year by moms and dad company Facebook..

No More WhatsApp Payments in Brazil.

No one will be able to use WhatsApp payments moving on, unless a workaround is discovered..

What this suggests for the future of WhatsApp payments globally, remains to be determined.

WhatsApps payment function across the entire of Brazil has actually been suspended forever due to “antitrust concerns”.

Being able to pick ones favorite payment method must be a breeze in this contemporary and age. If the main bank of Brazil has a say in the matter, choices will stay minimal forever..

In Brazil, one of those mobile options is now officially banned by the central bank..

The offering is incredibly popular in other countries, mostly in India.

Mobile services are exceptionally popular, mainly where younger generations are concerned.

All in all, WhatsApp payments have not been around all that long in Brazil.

A number of payment choices exist all over the world.

This decision is made after both Visa and Mastercard requested Brazils reserve bank to stop payments and money transfers through this mobile app..