Hacking Group REvil Threatens To Leak Information On LeBron James, Nicki Minaj, And Mariah Carey

After hacking a significant New York-based law practice, the cryptocurrency-demanding hacking group called REvil has actually threatened to auction off reasonable documents beginning with July 1st of celebs such as LeBron James, Mariah Carey, and Nicki Minaj.
REvil To Sell Stolen Documents?
CryptoPotato reported in mid-May that the notorious hackers group attacked a law office called Grubman Shire Meiselas & & Sacks representing various celebs and large companies in the entertainment organisation. REvil managed to take lots of reasonable documentation.
Additional info emerged later on that the group doubled its ransom demand to $42 million and validated it by claiming that they have important information relating to the President of the United States. Even more amazingly, REvil threatened to reveal Donald Trumps “dirty laundry” before the upcoming elections in November, if the need is not paid.
According to a report from this week, the hackers are taking an action even more and have called celebs and dates whose details will be auctioned off. Beginning from July 1st, files on Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, and LeBron James will be readily available for buying and bidding will begin at $600,000.
LeBron James. Source: YahooTwo days later on, the group will auction details on Bad Boy Records, MTV, and Universal Studios with quotes starting at $750,000. The last thread was not specified, however its supposedly the most valuable as it will begin the auction at $1 million on July 5th.

The Note
The report cited a note composed by the group and sent to the law office. Whether on purpose or not its unclear, but the language utilized by REvil is rather funny:
” We have so lots of value files, and the lucky ones who buy these information will be pleased for a long time. Show service is not performances and love of fans only– also it is huge money and social control, mud prowling behind the scenes and sexual scandals, drugs, and treachery.”
It likewise asserted that whoever wins the auctions will get the full information downloaded from the law business. Specifically– “contracts, contracts, NDAs, personal info, court conflicts, and internal correspondence with the company.”
REvil likewise advised the businesss founder Allen Grubman to give in and pay the need as only he has “a possibility to stop that.” The law company reaffirmed the previous position of declining to pay as if they do, it would equate to working out with terrorists.
The report likewise cited a spokesperson who claimed that all star consumers have “extremely praised the firms position that we will not give in to extortion.”
Its worth keeping in mind that the group has a history of asking for needs in numerous cryptocurrencies. Although REvil hasnt defined the payment kind now, it wont be a surprise if they seek the $42 million in Bitcoin and even Monero.

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