How to Read Cryptocurrency Charts

Traders have lots of tools at their disposal, however perhaps the most essential among them are charts. They permit you to see the dynamics of the assets, examine trends, and make forecasts on what is going to take place. All of that is difficult if the trader in question cant make heads or tails of the data he gets. To assist our audience prevent that, the Changelly group wrote this brief guide on what the relevant cryptocurrency charts are, how they work, and what you can learn from them. Now, lets dive in!

What Is Technical Analysis

All in all, RSI is a vital indication that helps traders to forecast a bullish/bearish trend prior to it begins and to start getting ready for it.

Hence, Support is a rate level where the drop is expected to stop and rebound due to the increased demand and interest in the property. Resistance, at the exact same time, is the opposite, a level where the uptrend will more than likely rebound, and the assets price will start to drop.

Thats it about the most common (and the most identifiable) candlestick patterns. Naturally, there are much more patterns that you require to keep an eye out for, so keep doing your own research on them!

With various designs and time frames come different trading strategies. Even if in both cases you need to keep calm and make determined decisions, you have different patterns to keep track of.

As you can see, while technical analysis will not allow you to develop long-term methods by itself, it can assist you to make quick decisions on what youve determined of the property you are trading for. That in itself is incredibly important for any trader, specifically in unpredictable markets.

All in all, it depends on your trading style and your total goal: for those who are here for a long haul, long-lasting amount of time are more essential than minute changes in patterns. On the other hand, those who wish to make a quick earnings from modifications in trends, short-term amount of time would be of a bigger interest.

A simple to think, but nonetheless essential cryptocurrency trading term, Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization, describes a metric that enables traders to determine how big is crypto in concern. It is calculated by taking the existing quantity of tokens or coins in blood circulation and increasing them at their market value. So, if there are 1,000,000 coins $15 each, it will suggest that its Market Cap is $15,000,000.

It is a momentum indicator that determines whether the asset was overbought or oversold and the magnitude of it if there is any. The greater is the worth, the more is the property overbought, and the opposite for oversold possessions.

By the way, weve currently released a post about day trading strategies..

Evening Star.

Short-term Time Frame.
Day trading.
4-hour Trend.
Per hour Trigger.

Examining Different Time Frames.

Assistance and Resistance in Trading.

Among the most important skills that every trader should have is the capability to conduct technical analysis. Whether it is for a certain asset or the crypto market as an entire, it can make or break your trading strategy. So, what is technical analysis exactly? It is an ability to examine trading assets and determine what chances they offer to traders. In order to do that, a trader examines the possessions (or markets) trading activity and its analytical trends..

Cryptocurrency Market Cap.


Relative Strength Index.

Long-term Time Frame.
Position Trading.
Weekly Trend.
Daily Trigger.

Another candlestick charts pattern for trading, Morning Star is a pattern that many traders utilize for their operations. It appears following a down pattern and signals that the cost of the property will rise soon. Traders typically look for this reversal to begin, and then use other signs and tools to validate that this is indeed a Morning Star pattern.

You must note that Market Cap is not the same as the coins volume, liquidity, or how much money is in the marketplace currently. Crypto prices tend to alter, which does not indicate that there is cash inflow or drain on the market..

Early morning Star.

Japanese Candlestick Cryptocurrency Charts.

Assistance and Resistance levels are principles in cryptocurrency charts that permit traders to build their strategies based on the assessed variety of the rates in between said levels. Essentially, they denominate the highest/lowest price that the asset can practically achieve throughout the observed time duration.

Hammer is a certain rate pattern that traders who utilize candlestick charts notification. It takes place when the properties rate is much lower throughout the trade period than at its opening. Then, near the closing of the trade, it rises to the opening levels once again. This forms a hammer-like shape in the chart, with a shadow two times as big as the main body. The shadow represents low and high of the possession throughout the trading period, while the main body represents the opening and closing costs.

Shooting Star.

Medium-term Time Frame.
Swing trading.
Daily Trend.
4-hour Trigger.

Technical analysis focuses on the trade volume and asset rate, unlike its worldwide equivalent, which focuses on assessing the possession on its company criteria. This leads to mostly short-term trading strategies and signals, though it can also aid with a broader analysis of the securitys strengths and weaknesses in the market.

It may be apparent, however still worth saying that various amount of time appropriate for different types of trading. In cryptocurrency trading and charts, there are 3 types of amount of time used: long-lasting, medium-term, and short-term. Every one favors different trading styles, has its own pattern and activates amount of time. In the table below you can see which time frame is the finest for specific trading design:.

These levels are usually considered as a good entry and exit points, enabling traders to get one of the most worth out of their properties, working similarly well for long and short traders. It also enables banking on whether the pattern will rebound or continue, with very little losses in case of the lost bet, or high revenue for the best guess. In general, a beneficial prediction tool that helps traders to establish and implement their techniques with minimum risks.

A 3rd common candlestick pattern that traders typically utilize to ascertain where the pattern will turn. Shooting Star is a bearish trend that occurs when the rate of the property begins to advance after the opening, with nearly no shadow formed below the primary body of the chart.

Per hour Trend.
15-minute Trigger.

One of the most popular amongst cryptocurrency charts types, candlesticks offer adequate details at a single glance. That is if you can read them. Usually, they enable you to see the minimum cost of the asset for a particular period, the optimum rate, and the shift in the price. Different types of candlestick cryptocurrency charts use different info. Here you can see the basic explanation of common patterns, for more thorough info you can go to Investopedia.

Usually, it is believed that RSI with a worth of 70 and higher suggests that the property is overbought and is due for a trend turnaround and/or rate restorative pullback quickly. And the RSI value of 30 and lower implies that the property is oversold, with the same possible consequences.

The fourth and last candlestick charts pattern for trading in our list, Evening Star is the opposite of the Morning Star. It is a bearish pattern that happens on the price uptrend, signaling that the propertys value quickly will begin to move downward. As you can guess, this pattern is often utilized by traders and analysts to anticipate the rate drop on the marketplace, so if your tools and observations see an emerging Evening Star pattern, it may be a good idea to make suitable countermeasures.

What is Market Cap in Cryptocurrency?

These levels are normally considered as a good entry and exit points, permitting traders to get the most value out of their assets, working similarly well for short and long traders.

It appears following a downward trend and signals that the rate of the property will increase quickly. Shooting Star is a bearish pattern that takes place when the rate of the property begins to advance after the opening, with practically no shadow formed below the primary body of the chart. It is a bearish trend that happens on the price uptrend, signaling that the propertys worth quickly will begin to move downward. The higher is the worth, the more is the property overbought, and the opposite for oversold properties.

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Bottom Line.

Checking out cryptocurrency charts will allow you to see patterns and take advantage of them before they can ruin your strategy. So watch out for sudden market modifications, and learn more about trading with Changelly!

In the meantime, we finish our guide about the hows and whys of cryptocurrency charts and their role in trading. As you can see, while it might seem intimidating in the beginning, many of the basics given here are intuitive and simple to comprehend once you start trading. While some points and principles might seem unnecessary to you, keep in mind that essentials like this can make a distinction between you losing your money and earning a profit.