Markethive Blockchain Social Media Advantage

Blogging Platform

Achieve high Search Engine positions by publishing Blog-posts on Markethive's SEO blogging platform – these can be shared to your WordPress website courtesy of Markethive's WordPress plugin AND shared to your Social Media timelines, including, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Delicious, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, and email – all at the click of a button or simply share your blog-post link.

This post for my Bio was created on Markethive's Blogging platform, it's just like working on WordPress. As you can see, the blog -post's display is integrated into the Markethive platform – it's a really cool feature.

‘The Ecosystem for Entrepreneurs’ video (below) describes how registering your social networks allows you to subscribe those accounts to yours and others Markethive blogs for remote broadcasting, building you massive reach potential – this is collaboration at its finest.

Ensuring Privacy

Ensuring Privacy, Markethive does NOT track, use cookies, or store your personal information – Cancelling Your Account Deletes Everything – How refreshing is this?

Markethive firmly believes Your Privacy is exactly what it says – Your Privacy.

They don’t shadow ban you, penalize you or restrict your number of followers.

Markethive firmly believes – if you spam, people will simply disconnect from you.

Markethive MHV Coin

Members receive 500 MHV Coins at sign-up.

Refer 3 members to activate your Universal Income Micro Payments – This turns everything you do inside Markethive into a faucet:  Publish a blog – get paid.  Share a post – get paid.  Make a comment – get paid.  Design a Capture Page – get paid.  Make a Widget – get paid.  Create email Autoresponders – get paid, etc, etc.

Extensive Online Marketing Suite Included

Markethive’s extensive Marketing Suite includes a wealth of Online Marketing Tools – similar to Hubspot and Marketo and valued at $2,000+ per month.

Empowering the small guy & gal, Markethive is an ecosystem for entrepreneurs – This video explains what Marketing Tools are included in the FREE Membership.

Markethive is currently finalizing the last stages of beta testing before transferring onto the blockchain – Most of the platform is operational, improvements & updates happen frequently whilst new features & tools are being added daily.

Markethive is completely Free to join and always will be, however, they also provide an opportunity to earn from the platform if you wish to do so.

  ecosystem for entrepreneurs