NUTRILITE Memory Plus 60 tab

NUTRILITE™ & trade; Memory Plus, 60 tab.

A number of medical studies have shown a favorable impact of the cistanche extract on the sound and acoustic memory.

From 50 to 75% of senior individuals complain about memory disorders. However, periodic memory lapses prevail at any age. It is a common indication for those who reside in the period of details overload and put on'' t permit themselves to shut off the phone and a minimum of to rest from such rhythm of life for one day. Hectic schedules threaten with memory and endurance problems.

A simple diagnostic technique for identifying the reduction of the memory is the method of 10 words. Ten easy words that have no relation to each other are pronounced. Then the topics are asked to repeat them in a random order. Next, the scientist states the exact same words again and the subject attempts to repeat them. This cycle is repeated 5-6 times. Normally, at the first repetition at least half the words should be remembered, and after the fifth repetition – all of them.

Nerve cells do not regrow! Definitely, it is an expression familiar to many. And it is justified.

Reasons for eating conditions and weakening of antioxidant security of brain cells:

General asthenic conditions, as an outcome of stress and tiredness, physical illness, regular ARVIs and seasonal vitamin deficiencies
Alcoholic abuse: memory disability as an outcome of not just the lesions in brain structures, but also systemic conditions related to toxic results of alcohol on the liver and related hypovitaminosis
Terrible brain injury

Repercussions of disruption of microcirculation in the brain and its antioxidant defense:

Attention conditions
Memory disorders
Reduction of intellectual abilities
Rapid fatigability, reduced performance
Anxiety, fear
Buzzing in ears
Sleep conditions

NUTRILITE™ & trade; Memory Plus was established specifically for those who experience consistent intellectual load and wish to support their memory and efficiency.


Cistanche root extract



* Research brought out by Sinphar and Amway Research Center in Shanghai. Scientific studies of healthy individuals taking cistanche, Ganzhou, China 2009.



A human brain is an organ consuming 20% of the oxygen contained in the blood, which makes it extremely sensitive to any changes connected to the absence of oxygen. This oxygen deprivation of the brain is a common cause of lowered mental efficiency and amnesia among the senior. Headache, dizziness and buzzing in the ears and head are normal signs of a blood circulation defect in the brain.
According to the outcomes of scientific research, cistanche extract improves memory and concentration healthy people. *.
Cistanche extract helps safeguard the brain, providing optimal blood circulation. Cistanche is also an antioxidant that assists secure cells in the body, consisting of brain cells, from damage.
Cistanche contains substances that possess biological activity and is necessary for regular functioning of the brain. It is associated with hydroxycinnamic (chlorogenic and caffeic) acids and polyphenolic substances (gallic acid).
Does not include synthetic coloring, flavoring or protecting agents and GMOs.

* Research carried out by Sinphar and Amway Research Center in Shanghai. Scientific research studies of healthy people taking cistanche, Ganzhou, China 2009.

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A basic diagnostic technique for identifying the reduction of the memory is the approach of 10 words. This oxygen deprivation of the brain is a common cause of decreased mental efficiency and memory loss among the senior.

From 50 to 75% of elderly people complain about memory conditions. Occasional memory lapses are typical at any age. Busy schedules threaten with memory and endurance problems.