NUTRILITE Multi carotene 90 caps

NUTRILITE ™ & trade; Natural multicarotin helps keep visual skill and protect the eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Carotionides are not manufactured in the body and come just with food.

NUTRILITE™ & trade; Multi carotene, 90 caps.

5 mg * Daily allowance of beta-carotene, lipikoin and lutein for a grownup

NUTRILITE ™ & trade; Natural Multicarotin Daily Value:

beta carotene.

24% lutein.

Appropriate for diabetics (consists of a percentage of calories and carbohydrates) ** and vegetarians (contains a minimum quantity of gelatin). Without GMOs, lactose, gluten, synthetic tastes, dyes and preservatives.

Plant items.
Red, yellow and orange vegetables and fruits (carrots, pumpkins, tomatoes, corn, sweet peppers, citrus fruits, apricots, persimmons, watermelon and others).


Animal items.
Family fish.
( red fish).
shrimp, crab.


We suggest NUTRILITE ™ & trade; Natural Multicarotin if these foods are doing not have in your diet:.

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