Pure Indoor Air Covid Fighter

ActivePure Technology® Eliminates 99.9% of Airborne SARS-CoV-2 Virus

Within 3 Minutes in FDA-Compliant Military Lab Tests

Because Vollara Air & Surface Pro+ treats interior exposed surfaces as well as indoor air, it doesn’t fit into the category of an air purifier only. The term “environmental conditioning” more accurately describes the overall effect of the active technologies within the living area. 

ActivePure is a patented scientific process that dispatches super-charged, sub-microscopic particles at remendous speed.  These particles are created by reactions between ambient water and oxygen molecules, a patented matrix coating, and a specific wavelength of UVC light.  The particles collide with viruses, bacteria, and air pollutants and immediately turn them  into harmless elements.

ActivePure Technology Activiely and continously disinfects surfaces and air 24/7, minimizing contamination, recontamination in real time.  Safe to use in occupied spaces for both people and pets.  Works without chemicals or ozone and breaks down viral contaminats into harmless by-products.

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