Season 5 of Ubisoft Entrepreneur Labs has begun, revealing 8 chosen startups

Xaya (UK), (The very same group that created Blockchain video gaming back in 2013 with Huntercoin) is a Blockchain gaming platform developed to support complex decentralized video games, and are also establishing Taurion, an MMO-RTS/RPG, what would be the most complex decentralized video game ever constructed.

CareGame (France), a new cloud mobile gaming option which allows consumers to access any mobile video game without downloading data.

Season 5 of this series will be focused over social home entertainment, as evidenced by declarations made by the Program Director of the Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab Catherine Seys on the 9th of January, 2020.

Candidates had the ability to select between Station F, the largest startup campus in the world, situated in Paris, France, and Ubisofts just recently opened site at the IMDA Pixel incubation area, in Singapore.

She set out the foundation for the 5th Season by saying– “We desire to keep on exploring this path for players, modders, and audiences of our content. Together with talented business owners working throughout various fields of home entertainment– music, video production, live programs– we wish to add to creating the interesting, imaginative, and enjoyable bonding entertainment experiences of tomorrow.”. (France), offers fans with an unprecedented live enhanced truth experience. Through Smartglasses or a mobile phone, people can interact and access with all the information they require to enjoy their favourite sports, whether in your home or in the stadium.

Sorares video game has brought in 10,000+ users with a regular monthly volume of $150,000 in March 2020. Based in Paris, Sorare is funded by Tier 1 VCs such as Seedcamp, ConsenSys and Kima Ventures.

These are the eight start-ups that were selected by Ubisoft for the incubator:.

Axie Infinity (Vietnam), a digital pet universe where players battle, raise and trade cute animals called Axies. In Axie Infinity players can experience the benefits of blockchain technology through Play to Earn gameplay and a player-owned economy. The video game is created by innovation company Sky Mavis which focuses on developing items that allow anyone to genuinely own their digital identity and game possessions.

Planetarium (South Korea), a Blockchain-based community for community-powered games, where gamers can be able to link without the requirement for central servers.

Atlantide (France), produces instructional video games based on history to captivate and inform. The very first experience established by Atlantide is a geolocalized game that transforms a place into an XXL augmented reality playground to motivate observation, immersion and interaction.

Sorare (France), an international fantasy football video game where supervisors can trade main digital collectables, compose their groups and contend for benefits every week. Released in March 2019, Sorare is on an objective to bring crypto to dream sports fans of the most popular sport worldwide, football.

Based in Station F (Paris), Ubisoft released the latest season of their start-up program, led by the Ubisoft Strategic Innovation Lab. The program is oriented around supporting innovative startup items and services by offering them professional help and access to first-rate centers..

We like the range of choices made by Ubisoft, from service suppliers to video game designers as a company, and lastly blockchain video games. Let us know your favourite in the remarks listed below, or on Twitter!

Splinterlands (USA), a next-generation collectable trading card video game built on Blockchain innovation.