Story from People What If the Too-Strong Dollar Is a Solved Problem? Feat Jon Turek

What If the Too-Strong Dollar Is a Solved Problem? Accomplishment. Jon Turek.

Financing author Jon Turek argues that between Federal Reserve swap lines, Europe stabilization and a couple of other elements, the strong dollar problem may be (briefly) fixed.

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Story from People.

The current details in the Twitter hack.
Thailand starts utilizing its reserve bank digital currency.
Treasury Secretary Mnuchin calls on Congress for more funds.

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Today on the Brief:.

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Why the dollar has gotten stronger thanks to a savings excess from Asia.
How a too-strong dollar harms other markets more than the U.S.
Why globalization died in 2011 and we simply didn’& rsquo; t realize it.
How the Fed repaired the international dollar plumbing.
Why there are still concerns of real dollar lacks.
The detente in U.S.-China monetary relations.

Jon Turek.

Our primary discussion is with Jon Turek, author of “& ldquo; Cheap Convexity.”&


rdquo;. In this discussion, he and NLW talk about:.


rdquo;. In this discussion, he and NLW go over:.