The Heroes of this time this plague this judgment

12 hour shift on their feet. And yes, she understands you desire another cup of ice chips however, the man they brought in last night has actually simply crapped on himself, for the 3rd time today, and his child is visiting him from out of town so… Meanwhile a patient … * Needs to pee.
* 2 households are calling for status updates.
* One client is LOUDLY demanding discomfort meds.
* A physician is making his rounds.
* 3 heart monitors just got separated.
* The pizza just got here and shes short $1.50. And yes its cold.
* She is underpaid
* Overworked.
* The cafeteria is closed early today (thus the Pizza).
* She has cleaned her hands for the 197th time today.
* She just got called dumb by a person who didnt pass the 10th grade and even though she has a BSN or Masters degree in nursing.
* She actually CANT get the IV pump to stop beeping.
* She simply conserved her 7 millionth client, from being prescribed the wrong medicine.
* She simply ran down the hall for a Code Blue to carry out CPR to resuscitate a patient for the 3rd time this week with blood and physical fluids spurting up on her fresh pair of scrubs.

* And all 3 of them simply lost their favorite patient.

Individuals at Markethive.

Youre ringing the buzzer non-stop, for a cup of ice chips.

To all of the Male and Female Nurses, … we really appreciate you, we Love u a lot and we support you more than you will ever know.